R&D and Manufacturing
R&D and Development of New Products

Next step would be going from the customization of a standard product with your trademark to the manufacture of your own ideas and designs, of housings and electronics, firmware, patterns,… At this stage there is no need of high investments in R&D, tests, moulds or preserves equipments. Auxiser Globlal Services offers advise for facing this natural process easily, variabilizing costs, and minimizing risks of investment, copy, availability periods,…

Development and Manufacturing of Moulds and Toolings:

In some cases we try to diversify risks by moving manufacturing moulds and toolings to any manufacturer wherever we need it or to the manufacturer offering the best quality-price relationship. We can also substantially reduce costs of execution by investing, but making sure that who develops them has manufacturing technology and uses the know-how. Auxiser Global Services can help you to develop your own moulds with the same advantages than buying in the Asia-Pacific region.

Contract Negotiation, Transfer of Moulds:

If moulds are moving within different factories or repatriated into Spain it is necessary to close a good agreement with the developer to make sure your company owns property rights.

Identification of Technology Partners, Negotiation for Starting your Own Manufacturing:

Maintaining a benefitial relationship with your partners must be one of your goals for succesfully complete this stage. It is also one of the pillars if you consider participating in Joint Ventures in the Asia-Pacific region. The election of your technology or business partner based upon truthful and reliable information is “a moment of truth”. Auxiser Global Services is experienced in this field and has excellent staff and tools to help you take the most suitable decision..

Negotiation of Property Rights, Prices, and Terms of Payment:

We manage the negotiation of property rights agreements, withdrawal and protection of such rights, and we give advice and support during preliminary negotiations

Audits and Reports of Regular and Potential Partners:

Visits are essential to verify the veracity of the information remited by your supplier; you can even doubt about certifications, ISO certificates,… We will inform you about the suppliers and partners you work with and advise your company about possible ways of diversifying risks in your strategic purchases.

Incident and Problem Management during the Manufacturing Process:

Problems of stockpiling of raw materials or semi-finished goods, or problems with logistics, customs, manufacturers, etc. may sometimes arise and ruined a commercial operation perfectly managed in the destination country. We are specialized in defining and executing, on your behalf, the best solution for this kind of incidents. Please consult us.

Agendas and Commercial Visits:

You will have the opportunity to visit the factories of your partners together with our local staff (Chinese) with command of the Spanish culture, or our Spanish staff. You will be able to visit their facilities, machinery, employees and owners, and to comfortly negotiate without needing to worry about logistic details such as internal flights, hotels, transfers, etc.

Registration of Patents and Trademarks:

We want to offer Spanish companies the possibility and service of registering their trademarks in the P.R. of China so they can develop manufacturing projects and minimize risks of copy by third parties. Companies will this way manage to tighten protection of their Intellectual Property (trademarks, patents, etc.) in the target country, the P.R. of China.

Advantages, especially for those companies having already registered their trademarks in Spain or Europe, are:

» Deterrent effects.
» Use of the trademark in the P.R. of China.

Any company must apply for trademark registration from the moment it decides to develop export and specially import projects in China as risk of copying is very high among local agents. This action should not be delayed:

- First-To-File jurisdiction. Protection is granted to the first to file a trademark registration within the Chinese Trademark Office (CTMO).
- Most of Intellectual Property infringements are commited by commercial partners.
- Being proactive rather than reactive: that is, we should not postpone trademark registration to the moment of filing objections against applications of third parties, we must apply for registration since the first day.

Logistics Management:

Including order management, daily contact with suppliers and order monitoring up to shipment; management of samples, confirmation of technical specifications, prices, periods, transport, payment methods, goods insurance, and in situ quality controls. We are in permanent contact with suppliers in order to minimize possible errors or time or information loss. You will be able this way to dedicate your efforts to your main activity and your clients.