Your external Purchasing Department

Auxiser Global Services is a specialized company with experience in International Trade projects and identification of manufacturers and suppliers in the Asia-Pacific region. We offer a wide portfolio of services adaptable to the needs of every client and situation in order to support and succesfully develop their international import proyects. We can promote or act as your Purchasing Department: forget about fix costs, your company can receive support as a variable cost! You would be able to maintain the competitiveness of your products while controlling expenses

These are some of our services:

Full Contact with your suppliers

Including order management, daily contact with suppliers, order monitoring up to shipment, samples management, confirmation of technical specifications, prices, periods…, transport, payment methods, goods insurance, and in situ quality controls. We are in permanent contact with suppliers in order to minimize possible errors or time or information loss. You will be able this way to dedicate your efforts to your main activity and your clients.

Quality Controls:

Quality controls are necessary to make sure your company will receive goods in due time and form and in accordance with the technical specifications agreed. Our staff in China will act as your Quality Department for your total security and comfort, since you will receive all information translated into Spanish together with an illustrated report. Our backgrounds on electrical and electronic engeneering and the use of materials of advanced instrumentation entitle us to perform advanced functional tests on your technological products.

Expand your range of products:

Finding products –even with the same supplier- can be sometimes a hard task: in some cases Chinese producers manufacture products themselves in others they simply act as traders, what reduces your margins. Auxiser Global Services can help you to optimize your portfolio, even with the same supplier.

Negotiation of Price and Payment Terms:

For specific orders we can carry out this service quickly so you will not need to travel: always with our Spanish staff that understands your objectives and our local Chinese staff that negotiates in their own language and culture.

Identification of new products / suppliers. Sourcing:

Through a briefing on products and technical specifications we will play the role of your Product Managers in fairs and in the regions with specialized manufacturers. We offer you to evaluate on your side and in the target country: samples, certifications, tests, prices, periods, etc. Your company will get an efficient service in terms of time and money with the assurance that our databases of suppliers and our contacts network in the country of origin will allow us to find the most optimal and safe solution for your business and clients. Always on a variable cost basis and once the identification process successfully completes. Our clients’ success is our success.

Audits and Reports of Regular and Potential Suppliers:

Visits are essential to verify the veracity of the information remited by your supplier; you can even doubt about certifications, ISO certificates,… We will inform you about the suppliers and partners you work with and advise your company about possible ways of diversifying risks in your strategic purchases.

Consulting and Registration of Trademarks and Patents in China:

Our clients have the possibility to watch over their interests and Intellectual Property. It is important to register your trademark in China for importing, even if your company is not interested in selling products in the country.

Incident and Problem Management during the Import Process:

Problems –with logistics, customs, manufacturers, etc. - may sometimes arise and ruined a commercial operation perfectly managed in the destination country. We are specialized in defining and executing, on your behalf, the best solution for this kind of incidents. Please consult us.

Agendas and Commercial Visits:

You will have the opportunity to visit factories and fairs in the countries of origin together with our local staff (Chinese) with command of the Spanish culture, or our Spanish staff. You can find the most suitable clients for your business, not only on the basis of price and quality but in the basis of other important aspects such as facilities, machinery, employees and owners.