Quality and Client Service
Our main Goal

Our quality policy is based on obtaining the maximum satisfaction of our clients; we set as our top priority goal the achievement of their objectives with respect to the quality of the service and other requirements (legal, information, training, documents, etc.). At the same time we try to do so in the least possible time and without incidents.

Starting from the analysis and understanding of our clients’ needs and expectations, and with the purpose of improving efficiency, we promote several actions as regards quality:

  • -Correct definition of all processes, related agents and their interactions.
    -Continued measurement, revision and analysis of processes in order to achieve constant improvement of both, processes and the system.
    -Full computerization of processes, strengthening of communication networks: these actions stimulate the fluency of information and assure the quality of the service as well as high flexibility and response capacity.
    -Ongoing training of the staff taking part in the processes, what implies offering the client a solid technical support.